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We do tile Installation

Our Prices start at $2.00 a sq ft for standard floors and $2.50 a sq ft for walls. Check out our tile page for more info and detailed Prices.



We install and sell Hardwood

Installs Start at $1.50 a sq ft , Check out our hardwood page for more prices and also our catalog for flooring we sell.


We Install and sell laminate flooring

We install laminate flooring starting at $1.25 a sq ft. and check out our laminate page for more detail of pricing and our catalog for what we sell.


We install and sell carpets.

Our carpet installs start at $.25 a sq ft. Check out our carpet page for full prices and what we sell.

Laminate Specials

12mm_Burlington_Oak_194BD415.jpg12 mm Laminate

single plank  5" wide

25 year warranty

availible in over 15 colors

Pad basic install

$4.99 sq ft.

Hardwood Specials

Eng_Birch_Spice_249BD525.jpg4 7/8 wide 

3/8 engineered hardwood

10 yr finish warranty

handscaped finish

Nail down install

$ 4.99 sq ft (Package)

4 colors

Carpet Specials

PC_3_Grade_Sample_Board.jpg7/16 6lb pad

Carpet removal

Basic Install

45 OZ. Plush-----$ 16.15 sq yd(Package)

55 OZ Plush        $ 18.25 sq yd (Package)

65 OZ Plush        $ 21.75 sq yd (Package)

Available in 16 colors  

12 ft & 15 ft wide


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